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LCD Vs. CRT - Monitor Buying Guide - by Chris Dero


Advantages of CRT
Colour and picture quality are still superior on CRT screens. They are also less expensive than LCD screens. You can purchase an excellent model for a fraction of the price of an LCD.

Disadvantages of CRT
Power consumption is much higher on a CRT screen than on an LCD screen. A CRT screen also emits light, which can cause eye strain. And a CRT is a large and bulky device. Often, it takes up most of the room on a computer desk.

Advantages of the LCD
An LCD screen takes up very little space. It doesn't emit light and consumes very little energy. In addition, our monitors have extremely fast response times. Pixels are refreshed at a rate of 25 milliseconds, a rate boasted only by high-quality monitors. This virtually eliminates eye strain.

Disadvantages of the LCD

Cost used to be the biggest disadvantage of LCD screens. However, the prices of LCD screens are dropping, making them more affordable.

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