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LCD Vs. CRT - Monitor Buying Guide - by Chris Dero

Dot Pitch, Resolution and Size

Dot Pitch
On a CRT, the phosphors are encapsulated in tiny pockets. An LCD screen is liquid crystal that is encapsulated in tiny pockets. On both screens the distance between each pocket is called the Dot Pitch. Naturally, the less space between each pocket, the better the picture. Smaller dot pitch produces crisper images with more detail.

The CTR monitors offered in our Customize To Order program have a .25mm dot pitch. The LCD monitors have 0.264mm dot pitch…these specifications are standard for high-end monitors.

Resolution is the pixel count that can be displayed on a screen. A pixel can be regarded as one dot that contains information about an image. The more dots that can be displayed, the more detail and colour. This results in truer colours with exact skin tones. In fact, watching a DVD movie with high resolution rivals watching the same movie in a theatre. The numbers represent the count of horizontal pixels by vertical pixels. Our CRT and LCD monitors can display resolutions up to 1280x1024 pixels.

Screen Size
Now that the quality features are taken care of, you can determine what size monitor you want. Larger screens are nice, but take up much more room. This is where LCD screens have an advantage: they take up half the room that CRTs do.

When buying a CRT, the viewable image size is important. A screen may be 17", but the frame that holds it in place may take away from the viewing area. Most 17" screens have a viewable image area of around 16" to 17".

Because LCD screens are much lighter, they require less frame material to hold them in place. A 17" LCD screen usually has a 17" viewable area, or something very close to it