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Ways To Use A Hidden Camera

First, Let Us Explain How a Hidden Camera Works. A small board camera is built into an everyday hidden camera. The camera can be wired which means it is connected to the DVR or VCR using a cable.

The camera can also be wireless, in this case the camera transmits a signal to a receiver that is connected to the DVR or VCR. Board Cameras are basically a fixed lens mounted on a circuit board. These cameras are often used in mini cameras, dome cameras and for making hidden cameras but are also sold unpackaged, for mounting by the buyer. Lenses in these cameras are either of a full opened lens or pinhole in which the opening of the lens is very small. Pinhole lens cameras are often called spy cameras and are most often used in making a hidden camera.

Now let us describe 10 different Hidden Camera devices and how they can be used. 1. With a SONY Dream Machine you have fully functional FM/AM radio alarm clock with large green LED display plus a way to detect covert activities in your bedroom or dorm room. 2.

An Air Wick Fresh Matic is non-functioning as an air freshener but is perfect as a hidden camera. No need for an outlet because the air freshener is powered by a 12 hour rechargeable battery pack, no wires or cords to plug in. You will be able to see everything happening in any room like a bedroom where you need to see a thieving spouse or other family member. 3.

Having a new baby can be very stressful experience. You never want to leave your babies alone and can never get anything done around the house. Now you can know that your baby is safe at all times with the puppy dog monitor. The puppy dog camera can see and hear everything using a built in camera and speaker. 4. For Business Use there is safety and security all in one with an EXIT Sign surveillance camera.

Universal, easy snap fit installation. Put it anywhere you need to track thieving employees. 5.

The Down-View Smoke Detector works best when mounted onto the ceiling. It can be installed in various locations such as over a cash register or stock receiving doors to take sure people or employees are not stealing from you. Great for a home or apartment too for non-stop surveillance of your room. 6.

It is very common to see Motion Detectors in places like homes and businesses but almost everyone would never think one contained a spy camera. Because of its small and compact size the Motion Detector camera can be used in many locations. 7. With an Emergency Lights device you get safety and security all one outdoor lights that turns on automatically when power goes off.

The emergency light can hang in a hallway, basement or porch and catch any approaching vandals. You can record their actions and use it when you call the police in the morning. 8.

Using a Neon Blue Wall Clock device you can have surveillance in any room which is perfect for a bar, restaurant or finished basement. See sneaky landlords stealing your stuff while you are away at work. 9. The Flower Pot cam is perfect for a small business or kitchen to keep an eye on thieving employees or family members stealing from you. 10.

A thermostat hidden camera is the last thing someone would suspect as a hidden camera. Can be used in any area of a house or business where you need to see what is going on. As you can see, there are many used for a hidden camera and far more that we describe in this article.

Glenn Freiboth is an author for Surveillance news and lives in Illinois. Surveillance Equipment products can be found at http://www.spygearco.com/hidden-cameras.htm

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