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EgyFirst Software Dynamic Components

EgyFirst Software ? Dynamic Components EgyFirst Software is one of the leading software developers that offer trial versions for all the programs and exhaustive visual basic libraries to toy with. The versions can be downloaded from their dedicated website and redistribute for free. The website also keeps interested users updated on the price lists and product information 24x7! With the help of visual basic components you can achieve a lot more with greater efficacy in a shorter period of time. With the help of dynamic components your applications will work faster.

The great thing being this software is compatible with major operating systems as such that will not be an area of concern. There is a range of programs that are dedicated to enable you organize your work better and function with greater accuracy. There are resources that help you tap components that offer dynamic programming tools to make your applications faster, more efficient and very user-friendly. This gives you an advantage over competition and complete control from back-end programming to interface design. The visual basic components from visual basic libraries are products that are exclusively designed to make programming simple and the way it is meant to be.

Dynamic Components helps you achieve more with minimal effort. All you have to do to optimize the application is to feed in the code and sit back. The dedicated program does the rest! Dynamic Components offer dedicated programming tools to make all the computing applications highly efficient.

The programs are designed to give you full control, right from the back-end programming to the desired interface design. 1. The Dynamic Components set includes the efficiency of Binding Record-set, a program that manipulates data forms in any way you desire. Binding Record-set uses the same code for all the fed programs. 2.

The other high end visual basic component is the Dynamic Report. This dynamic component helps the user to generate custom-designed HTML reports based on user queries. 3. The Application Protector program enables the protection of Windows executable files. This is accomplished with the dedicated use of Nested Layer Protection or NLP, a multi-layer encryption technology.

4. Another dynamic component within the package is Number2Text. This application helps to convert numerical figures, including currencies, to text. The task is achieved in English, French, German and Arabic. 5.

The Image Button application helps to create your own interactive buttons - icons and interchangeable themes. 6. With the Help Authority feature you can write context-sensitive help files that are specially linked to specific program situations. 8. The Data Entry Validator helps to locate and correct the coding errors as you type! 9.

Form Translator enables the translation of form text automatically, eliminating the need to rewrite the code in the case of multi-language programs. 10. Form Flipper is true to its name and flips form 180 degrees to display languages of the Orient! 11. Return Key Enable enables the user to optimize the use of the Return key instead of Tab to navigate the desired form.

The easy accessibility of Dynamic Components programs is doubled by the fact that they install automatically in Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP systems. All the components run on all COM-based environments, such as: Visual Basic Visual C++ Borland C++ Delphi The visual basic components from the visual basic libraries can be set to launch automatically as soon as the program is opened. Dynamic Components is the dedicated creation of EgyFirst Software accessible at www.mygoldensoft.com.

Mohamed Abbas is the author of this article on visual basic components. Find more information about visual basic libraries here.

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EgyFirst Software Dynamic Components - EgyFirst Software ? Dynamic Components EgyFirst Software is one of the leading software developers that offer trial versions for all the programs and exhaustive visual basic libraries to toy with.

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