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The Blackberry Mobile truly makes doing Business Mobile

The Blackberry Mobile phone seems to everywhere these days. Better known in the US as the "crackberry" this modern day marvel is keeping people connected all over the world. I was watching television over the weekend (taking a well deserved period of "time out" and as one does on a lazy Sunday afternoons) when I found myself watching exactly the sort of mindless TV they show on Sunday afternoons for people with no hobbies - Ahem. And so it was that I found myself watching rapper Snoop Doggs reality TV show "Snoop Doggs Fatherhood" on Sky One. As I was drip fed the sort of banal TV that really makes you wonder what the world is coming too, I found myself somewhat interested to note that our Mr.

Dogg (?) is actually the happy owner of a new Blackberry Curve, for it was in almost every single shot. Being involved in promoting the Business uses of the Blackberry, I was mildly interested to see that over the course of the show Mr. Dogg (?) would be constantly cuss'ing and email his "little homies" almost nonstop thanks to the technological marvel that the Blackberry is. Then having taken his entire family to Germany for the MTV awards (where he was presenting) Snoop later used his Blackberry's built in GPS Navigation System to locate a fried chicken outlet (apparently German Sausages & Sauerkraut aren't to his particular families taste) . When not emailing his manager he was texting on the QWERTY keyboard and utilising the "push" email technology to command control on his considerable empire (I note he is also Executive Producer).

Bored of this I channel surfed until I found "E the Entertainment Channel" where I settled on a documentary about the car crash life style of B grade starlet Lindsey Lohan. I hadn't been watching for more than a minute, when there before me was Miss Lohan (looking decidedly worse for wear after a night out on the town) yapping away on her very own Blackberry! What was this? I thought! Has Hollywood been taken by storm? Is anyone and everyone now using Blackberry? So it was that I determined to channel hop until I came across another elusive Blackberry being featured in use by as star. It only took 23 Channels and a ham sandwich later before I stumbled upon a doctor texting in "Casualty" on his Blackberry Pearl. Aha! It is a Blackberry veritable invasion of our airwaves! It really shouldn't come as a great surprise that the Glitteratti have finally caught on to what the Business world has now known for the last 9 months? The Blackberry is as addictive as Sunday afternoon junk TV! No seriously. The Blackberry phone is truly an amazing kit of Business kit. Basically it is a pocket PC.

Phone sized and convenient enough to put in your pocket - with it's large QWERTY keypad, the Blackberry is responsible for the longest texts ever written. This is mainly due to the fact that it's just so darn easy to type on a Blackberry. No predictive text or tapping the same button three times just to get the letter "E". The Blackberry key pad is a joy to use.

Blackberry's unique push email system allows you to receive email on the road and then a veritable smorgasbord of third party software solutions allows for some great Business Software Solutions. Things such as remote database access and GPS and Satellite Navigation. Checkout the UK's largest Mobile Solutions Provider www.

BusinessMobiles.com to learn more.

MAKE FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLS WITH YOUR BLACKBERRY MOBILE Free Blackberry Trial Call Internationally using your Inclusive minutes - Yes make FREE International calls. Learn how here. Hurry this offer can't last forever! Get your Business onto the BLACKBERRY and discover the secret to the UKs Cheapest Business Mobile Calls Rates!

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