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Need A Cellular Amplifier SignalReach introduces the SA

The SignalReach SA300 iDEN Amplifier gives improved amplification of receiving and transmitting signals for cellular communication. The SignalReach was specially designed with the iDEN handsets in mind to solve problems with signal fading, as well as dropped connections. The SA300 cellular amplifier does a great job of increasing service range, as well as access to the service also. The SignalReach SA300 iDEN amplifier improves the performance of coupled and cradle mounted cell phones - in the city as well as rural, country locations.

The SA300 operates exclusively on iDEN signals, from the 806 to the 870 MHz band. For those of you that do not have a device that operates on the specified bands, SignalReach has something in store for you. A collection of about five different cellular amplifiers and cellular signal repeaters are available from SignalReach. In addition, SignalReach will also expand its versatility by introducing you to hard-install models as well as ultra portable units for the mobile use. The SignalReach SA300 amplifier is a very versatile product - it can work in cooperation with a wide variety of systems. It works perfectly with cradles, as well as hands free systems - in mobile or fixed apps.

It is considered one of the most mobile and "To Go" devices available for the cell phone industry. Whether it is a matter of supplying a small or wide infrastructure with coverage, the SA300 from SignalReach will be able to cover it. You'll also be surprised to know that the SignalReach SA300 is also compatible with wireless PDAs, as well as iDEN modems for speedy data transfer. Since iDEN technology is becoming widely adaptable among many platforms, it is very likely that you may already have a device that would suit its compatibility chart. The SA300 features logical power controls that will make sure the max power output is within iDEN specifications. The SA300 also features handy self adjusting circuitry, which makes it operate easily with any iDEN cradle, phone, or coupling combo.

Some of the peripherals may not be included with the original item but are available upon request from the manufacturer. The amplifiers power easily keeps track of the iDEN telephone output connection. There's also a 3 Watt RF power out, accompanied by a decent antenna. It is also to be noted that among other things, any wireless communication device can greatly be judged on the quality of one particular part, it being the antenna. SignalReach has certainly demonstrated great effort to create the ultimate product line but unless you dig deep into your pockets to supply your product with an outstanding antenna, you will find little to no use for cellular amplifiers.

Depending on the type of antenna, whether a directional or omni-directional, antennas will certainly have great impact on determining the downstream and upstream speed of the SignalReach SA300. Or in other words, it will distinguish superb quality from rather displeasing and unsatisfactory quality. If a constant, good connection is important to you, or if you just want to be sure you're connected at all times, the SignalReach SA300 iDEN cellular amplifier is a must have for iDEN users. The product will live up to your expectations and even the manufacture will guarantee it. Superb technology supported by great quality is only part of the SA300 cellular amplifier.

The product review is brought to you by Netfreez. To find more about SignalReach, please visit us online at Netfreez.com

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