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Husband Takes Me Shopping For A HDTV

My grandchildren are always watching TV over at my place. Ostensibly, my children have forgotten the joys of cartoons and won't let them follow much at home.  So every day after school, once they enter my entranceway, the TV turns on and doesn't turn off until their parents come to pick them up.

.  My grandchildren are my joy and I love to observe them after they get out of school. Nonetheless, they gripe every single day about how teentsy my TV set is and how extraordinary theirs is at home.  I have no difficulty with watching my TV and I am almost blind but seemingly, technology has already captured my 5 and 10 year old grandchildren. .  My hubby is also on the big HDTV craze and has been trying to talk me into one forever.

  I just don't see the point in laying down cash for something new when I have something already employed at home. .  Last weekend, we were at the center and my husband dragged me into Best Buy to look around, just like he always does.  He also took me by the hand through the HDTV portion as he always does to show me all the great high definition channels they have on exhibit.

.  I must acknowledge that it all does look awesome and all but I am caught in sticker shock.  My hubby then had me converse to a salesperson about all the offers they have at the moment such as free interest if you open up a card through them or 10% off the purchase.  The 10% didn't seem like much but it did help with handling the tax on the television and I guess my grandkids would truly love to observe their shows on a pleasant HDTV.

  I told the salesperson to hurry up and ring it up before I changed my mind. . Now, I am home with my new high definition TV and it is quite splendid.

  My poor eyes don't have to strain to see a small picture anymore because the screen is big enough for me to see everything with no problems.  My grandchildren hurried over when they heard of the purchase and you would have thought it was Christmas morning.  They could not wait to turn it on and check their shows.

  What a delight it was to watch them so excited!. .  So I guess I have now jumped into the 21st century with high definition.  At least I won't have to hear anymore about how great the HDTV is because I already know.  .

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