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How How To Analyze Home Theater And Surround Sound Formats

As the name implies a surround sound system literally surrounds the listener with sound and while there have been momentous advances recently in this technology there has been a huge gap in time between the launch of this technology and the substantial improvements we have seen in recent years. Whereas the world of video has evolved significantly over the last three decades, sound technology has only recently begun to draw level. The surge of technological advances in this medium has resulted in many different systems on the market today. Many consumers can find this confusing, but the good news is that most devices that decipher these formats do so routinely. In other words, you won't need a PhD in terminology in order to enjoy movies or music with your surround sound system.

What will be required, however, if you are to get maximum pleasure from your home theater and surround sound system are good quality speakers and a first-rate AV receiver. The following explanations may help to dispel some of the mystery of common surround sound formats. Most DVDs and some programs that are found on digital cable or satellite channels will be in the format of Dolby Digital AC-3, by far the most commonly seen surround sound system. It is a 5.

1 channel format. In all formats the first figure indicates the number of speakers and the second the subwoofer. However surround sound isn't required in order to use this system as you can use Dolby Digital for older technology that do not embrace surround sound in their format. In order to interpret or decipher the signals from other mediums such as old videocassette tapes or television broadcasts Dolby use a system called Pro Logic.

This is becoming generally known for its capacity to take two speaker sounds and turn them into excellently realistic surround replication. The leading challenger for Dolby when it comes to sound is DTS and DTS-ES, mostly seen only on DVDs, is the company's answer to Dolby's 6.1 surround system. As a rival to Dolbys' Pro Logic DTS NEO:6 is said to generate excellent imitations of surround sound from available 2 channel mediums very similar to Pro Logic.

The main motive for providing this information and is so that you are aware that there is a difference and that you purchase equipment and DVDs that are in sync with one another. Most home theater systems will support both Dolby Digital and DTS, however, you should make certain that you are conscious of the format your system requires from the beginning in order to make the correct evaluation when purchasing. The alternative could result in a sound that is less than desirable.

The more speakers you have will present a great quality of sound than fewer, however poor quality speakers can completely ruin the beauty of the sound of your home theater system. Your speakers should be your biggest consideration when it comes to building your perfect surround sound system. Similar to anything in life the appropriate formats and surround sound system comes down to a matter of choice. The perfect surround sound set up will have many components that go into producing the ideal surround sound system for your home. Do not get so caught up in examining these systems online that you forget to walk into your local stores and make a point of listening to the sound systems you are planning to purchase. Actually hearing the quality of the system and observing the features in action will help you make your final selection.

Learn more about Home Theater or Surround Sound Systems at http:// www.home-theatre-system-guide.com a popular website full of tips and advice.

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