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DVD Duplication Getting your Facts Right

DVD duplication is getting more and more popular by the day because newer technology is coming up with ever new innovations. However, before you go for a DVD duplication, you should try and understand what is permitted and what is not. It is not in any way possible to duplicate films that already possess copyright protection. If you do it, you could face serious penalties, so simply don't think of doing it. However, DVD duplication is a great tool if you need to transfer photos to a disk, or maybe you have movies that have recorded family moments and you wish to transfer them from earlier tapes of or from one DVD to another.

Are you planning to erase the matter on the disc, record something in its place one time or the other or do you plan to leave the contents on the disc permanently? Then you will have to get yourself a DVD-RW. This means a DVD re-writable disc and it implies that it allows for recording and erasing just the same like a VHS tape. If you do not intend to erase what a DVD contains, then a DVD+R will work fine.

These are more affordable than the DVD re-writable discs, and it's important to keep in mind that a DVD+R can never be recorded over again. When the recording of the contents is completed, they are there to stay. The same is true with a CD that contains music. If you want to have the option of both recording and then re-recording songs and music, you will need to purchase a CD-RW disc.

If there is no such planning to do recording again over what the DVD already contains at any point in the future, a re-writable Compact Disc would likely be the more affordable option for your project. DVD duplication is a nice way of preserving memories and you can even share copies of the memories with friends and family. Have you recorded the moment when your child took his first tentative steps or the first year of his or her birthday? If so, how about recording them on a DVD and sending them to other family members who do not stay near you and hence cannot share the everyday happenings.

That will provide them with the feeling of togetherness and they will surely love the experience. If you are really eager to make a great recording in a DVD, it is necessary for you to have a DVD duplication unit. Recording a DVD is a great way to keep your old memories untouched while making new ones at the same time.

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